• Acél alap
  • Húrtáv 10,7 mm, bolz táv 74,3 mm, block 37 mm
  • Vintage Tremolo balkezes verzió

Since 1945, Schaller has been a globally operating, medium-sized company in the music industry. Schaller quality is legendary, everything is "Made in Germany", or even better, "Made by Schaller". Handcrafted precision! All products are manufactured entirely in-house. Equipped with many patents, Schaller is a leader in the innovative further development of a good sound. Many well-known guitar manufacturers use Schaller components on their fine models. Further information and all technical drawings can be found on the very informative homepage

Distribution for Germany, Benelux, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine and Hungary.

Art.-No. Description RRP
SC535.710 nikkel 13170137 67,203.00 HUF
SC535.711 SatinPearl 13170737 67,203.00 HUF
SC535.714 BlackChrome 13170437 72,369.00 HUF
SC535.716 Gold 13170537 88,908.00 HUF
SC535.717 VintageCopper 13170837 82,707.00 HUF
SC535.718 Ruténium 13170637 82,707.00 HUF

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